Being isn't what you do. It is who you are.

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John Vosler’s passion is providing education on how thoughts, emotions and physical being are connected.

As an energetic bodyworker for more than 25 years, John is able to assess each client and determine the best modality or combination of modalities to help them connect with their divine consciousness and inner healer.

Through meditation, movement, holistic bodywork and Conscious Coaching, John’s Los Angeles-based wellness practice has empowered countless clients to improve their lives. Executives, athletes, celebrities, busy moms and burnt-out professionals are attracted to his intuitive awareness and vast knowledge of the science of meditation. And, his infectious humor and compassionate heart make working with him a joy-filled experience.

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As the youngest son of an Iowa funeral home director, I realized there is more to life than the body and mind.

Living above the funeral home gave me unique insights into energy and the recognition that our essence will always live on. I felt the power of empathy and compassion as I witnessed my father providing this for those around him. From a very early age I’ve had the ability to tell someone the absolute truth with kindness and love. My grandmother told me this was a gift to be nurtured and that, once I learned to fully trust myself, I would be able to share it with others.

My true calling unfolded as I began working with the body, learning to understand its messages and later to recognize it as an entry point to consciousness. I received certifications in massage, Pilates, craniosacral therapy and other healing modalities to help clients find health, peace and ease. My approach to integrated body therapy — incorporating movement, dance, and yoga — proved very successful for clients.

In 2002, I met a living master of yoga, Yogi Amrit Desai. He and his daughter, Yogeshwari Kamini Desai, introduced me to Yoga Nidra, an effortless state of being that would forever change my life and work. I decided to shift the focus of my work to commit myself to stillness, become more grounded and learn how to guide others to their natural state of being.

Today, I’m dedicated to helping clients realize their true nature by accessing their inner stillness. I found that no matter how or where disease manifests, our inability to recognize our own true nature remains the core issue. The real healing can begin when we are able to remember.

And, because sometimes we forget this truth, I suggest you go to my meditation products page and enjoy the meditation offerings and find your own way back home.

Tri-BEing is a unique approach to recognizing one's wholeness, recognizing the truth of who you are, recognizing that deep down inside is an inner peace that has always been there. Being isn't what you do. It's who you are. 

—John Vosler


Make Every Moment Vital


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Tri-BEing is a path on which we learn how to create life mastery.

Using the methods of meditation, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness and other healing modalities we access an underlying sense of being.

Tri-BEing offers the experience of doing less while experiencing more, learning how to let go of expectations and anxiety about wanting to do so much more when, in essence, in the being the doing gets done.

You get to choose.

You get to choose where to place your attention and whether that attention is moving toward the chaos, the distractions and your changing emotions or moving you towards the unchanging, the stillness, the calm and the silence.  It is here where discernment, intuition and wisdom can finally be revealed. You get to choose.

Recognize each moment as vital. 

Tri-BEing is an approach that uses the tools of meditation, yoga nidra and mindfulness practices to understand that each moment is vital. It empowers you to choose how to be in relationship with each moment and then begin to live your life more fully.  

Being is the underlying nature of your reality.

By strengthening your practice you begin to see the nature of your being. This being cannot be conceptualized or understood by the mind. It can only be experienced kinesthetically. Being is the awakened view and the condition of enlightenment itself. 


“There aren’t words to express John's special abilities... if you're looking for someone to bring you peace, both physically and emotionally, then you should call John. I have been fortunate to experience John’s gift for the last ten years. He has enabled me to find a balance both physically and emotionally which leads to a life filled with strength and peace.” 

—Dean D.

Conscious Coaching

As an energetic bodyworker for over 25 years, John is able to assess each client and determine the best modality or combination of modalities to help them connect with their inner healer and true essence... the ground of Being.

While most practitioners have some level of familiarity with modalities John uses, meditation, movement, Yoga Nidra, yoga, massage, Pilates, craniosacral therapy, and somatic emotional release, it's John's intuition, extraordinary understanding of the body/mind complex and proven ability to accelerate the healing process that set him apart. John helps his clients find an increased sense of peace and accelerated healing.

He guides individuals to go into a deeper level of consciousness, uninterrupted by the mind, where they can catch a glimpse of their true nature. Once experienced, this becomes a safe place to revisit and face issues that may be preventing growth or may one day manifest on a physical level causing discomfort or disease.

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John teaches classes in movement, meditation and Yoga Nidra. In his movement classes he places the body in certain positions that can create deliberate tension in order to evoke and cultivate the mind's ability to relax even in a difficult position and situations. This creates physical and emotional openings that move energy from stuck and restricted areas in the body and can shift it into areas that need it most for healing and balance.

Yoga Nidra is a transformative, guided practice for deep relaxation. It uses the biological process of sleep to help release the healing potential in the body by allowing individuals to effortlessly disconnect or drop from their thinking mind into their feeling being. It’s a non-doing practice — a practice of subtraction — that can help you create a different relationship with your thoughts and emotions. It calms the nervous system and develops an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity that serves as a base from which individuals are more able to calmly respond to circumstances they encounter in their daily lives.

John uses Yoga Nidra to assist with self-realization by inviting an experience of the Self, beyond the mind and beyond conceptual understanding... leading to a kinesthetic experience.

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During his high energy, heartfelt and humorous talks John Vosler shares much of his own story and how he arrived, finally, with both feet planted in the healing arts.

He came to understand great universal truths through his many interactions with personal clients, classes and great master teachers and when he talks about his experience of spiritual evolution, he leaves audiences with a sense that they can achieve anything once they are able to connect with their own inner divinity.

John is available for speaking engagements across the globe.

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