After working with John, I have so much more to give others, and myself.

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"Attending John’s meditation classes, I achieved a state of acceptance and calm I never thought possible. Whenever I find myself slipping out of my comfort zone, I apply John’s breathing and focusing techniques and I’m able to move past my discomfort which, in turn, creates a much stronger sense of self. I use John’s meditation, “Love and Acceptance” on a daily basis. It has taught me to take time for myself — something I always thought of as selfish. I have so much more to give to others and myself. The happiness I feel in my soul from these achievements is nothing short of elated."
—LJ, Entrepreneur

More Testimonials

MS • Production Designer

"John embodies the spirit of yoga in his teachings and imbues them with his own unique sense of humor, perspective, warmth, and energy. He is a wealth of knowledge and makes even the most complex concepts truly accessible. Of all the teachers I've had in my life, both in academic and spiritual settings, John is truly among the greatest.  Every workshop and trip that I have taken with him has transformed my relationships, my path, and my life in unexpected ways. I am forever grateful for his guidance and mentorship and the way in which he lovingly empowers everyone around him. If you sign up for an offering with John; get ready to laugh a lot, have fun, be challenged, and make meaningful change."

PK • Artist

“There are two experiences from yoga practice that have improved the quality of my life. The first is your emphasis on 'being present.' This has helped me stay focused on current activity in the class, and I’m also able to carry it over to activities outside of class. I am better able to concentrate and stay focused. The second is, at end of session when we chill out, I experience a state of serenity which is so totally relaxed and am at peace with myself and I don’t want it to end. It’s marvelous, the only downside is you won’t let us stay forever."

DC • Stenographer

“I love John Vosler for so many different reasons. I have been taking his yoga/meditation class for over two years and I look forward to them every week.  The short meditations he takes us through leave me feeling that everything in my life has happened for a reason and everything is in its proper place. The yoga poses we go through always have me leaving his class feeling rejuvenated  and happy I decided to show up.

“John has an exceptional  knowledge of the human body and a wonderful way of expressing how it works in a way a layman can understand. He answers personal questions about your own body with clarity and ease in explaining what is going on, how muscles, ligaments, etc., work and reasons why things may be happening with your body and what may be helpful for your own self. I truly feel blessed to know him and so grateful for his classes, his knowledge, and his love for what he does is a part of bettering my life.

"If you are looking for something to help you better yourself, your health, and your mind, John Vosler is the perfect person to help you."

FZ • Writer/Producer

“I treasure John Vosler as a human being and as a healing presence of and for both mind and body. I have had the privilege of working with John more than a decade now, doing bodywork, pilates, meditation, and yoga nidra. John is an expert exercise physiologist with a brilliant intellect, yet I treasure the way he is able to combine this aspect of his training with a deep sense of intuition. He has a rare ability to get to the heart of a person’s state — both physical and psychological — and then work in way that takes the real connection between these two modes into account. I really can’t say enough good things about him. He is fantastic at what he does, and I always feel lucky he elected to follow a path that connects him to others, including me."

JD • Teacher

“I have been seeing John for ten months. He's helped me physically, spiritually and emotionally. My posture has improved, I am stronger, feel empowered, and have a more positive outlook. He is extremely knowledgable about the body. I have arthritis issues and he adapts Pilates movements to decrease pain as needed."

KR • Yoga Nidra Teacher

The first time I heard John Vosler‘s voice facilitating Yoga Nidra on YouTube I decided he was my teacher. When I hit an emotional bottom in 2015 I started to listen to John Vosler‘s Yoga Nidra offerings online daily and went from sadness and grief to self compassion and acceptance. I did both Yoga Nidra immersion and certification classes with John. Like no kidding! My life has transformed. I am now a very grateful and inspired Yoga Nidra instructor. I would follow this man around the world. Oh, actually I did! In 2020 I traveled to India with John and an amazing group of Yoga Nidra lovers. Another transformational experience with  this exceptionally loving human being. I Am so grateful."

CR • Artist

"It took me so long to find my way to this practice and now I cannot imagine my life without it or without your guidance. It has become a life boat in stormy seas."

CH • Teacher

"What I love about John’s teaching style is that it's captivating! He is light, loving, playful and jovial and gets to the nitty gritty with ease. Underneath it all, however, is a seriously educated, disciplined, determined methodical teacher, student and metaphysician.  I am very grateful to be one of his oldest and devoted students. I love how he shares his brilliance with his students and how I have been so gracefully effected along the way."

CH • Landscape Designer

“The path of personal growth can be arduous and exciting. Along my way I am grateful to be involved with a very special human, John Vosler, who has made my journey easier. His depth of spirit and knowledge has illuminated my life’s path, providing me with tools to develop a congruency between my physical (Pilates & body work),  emotional (counseling & play) and spiritual ( mentor & Amrit Yoga).  I am grateful for the attention, understanding and love he has bestowed upon me within these areas. All have provided me insight into the depths of myself. John positively glows with his commitment to know and share the Truth in every facet of life."


WB • Attorney

““I am a 70-year-old man who has enjoyed athletic competition my entire life. About 8 years ago, with several joint issues affecting my activities, I became a client of Johns. My weekly routines with him allowed me to continue playing beach volleyball, golf and tennis. He also helped me prepare my body, physically, and mentally I might add, for total hip replacement surgery that took place in October 2013. The nurses and physical therapists were impressed with my agility, strength, and almost pain free recovery. I attributed that to my weekly sessions with John. Within 6 weeks I was back on the golf course, volleyball and tennis court, and most importantly, back in the studio with John."

Dr. Toni Galardi

“I am a shamanically oriented psychotherapist and have experienced John Vosler’s exceptionally healing body work as well as his yoga nidra workshops. As someone who is very sensitive to energy, I would have to say that John brings the embodiment of an advanced soul to his work both as a teacher and practitioner. He touches you with both his voice and his hands and transforms whatever stuck energy or stress you have into total relaxation and centeredness. I have found his yoga nidras to be extremely helpful when I am on the road traveling!"

MN • Executive Producer

“As you walk into John’s studio you are transported to a place of gentle support and self-reliance, in equal parts. I spent the evening doing yoga nidra and dance movement back to back and I left with John’s passionate words resonating in my head and my heart and I find I transport myself to that room whenever my breath gets caught."

RD • Financial Planner

“John Vosler’s clients receive his completely focused, personalized attention to their particular goals, needs and aspirations to be all that they can be in health, strength, physical balance and relaxation. Whether it’s a first, introductory session or a continuing relationship, to work with John brings core strength, physical and emotional balance and a sense that his clients goals, and beyond, are achievable.  Each goal attained is a step forward and, as John reminds us, ‘every step of the journey is the journey’.  A journey taken together with John is life affirming and a privilege. John has made the journey through my life stronger and more peaceful every step of the way.”

JG • Speaker/Actress

“My time with John has always been healing. Whether it is dancing the night away or on the mat or in the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. John’s essence has always been Joy and he brings that to everything he does with great enthusiasm."

BB • Business Owner

“I have been visiting john for massages for years, he’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to, (and I’ve tried many) he seems to know exactly where the problem is occurring in your body without you ever saying a word. However, it wasn’t until I threw my back out and was in crisis that I discovered another one of his talents. He got me on one of his pilates machines and introduced me to my core and as my core got stronger the back pain disappeared. John is so knowledgeable about the mechanics of the human body, it’s amazing. I know if I ever have any physical problems or if I just need to check back in with my body my friend John is just a phone call away.”

MD • Nonprofit Chairman

“My time with John has always been healing. Whether it is dancing the night away or on the mat or in the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. John’s essence has always been Joy and he brings that to everything he does with great enthusiasm."

SC • Program Manager

“Nobody does ‘ohm’ like John Vosler. He allows you to get in sync with your own body. He guides but doesn’t push. He provides you with enough information to get the most out of a stretch, a breath, a pose, a thought. Whether you’re looking for a yoga/meditation class for a better night's sleep or a Pilates session for a controlled overall body workout or in need of a total body evaluation, John’s your man! He has an enormous amount of knowledge about the body and how it works. He can analyze and help you through any injury better than most any doctor. John loves to teach and share his knowledge and he does it with care, humor and style. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a treat by getting a body treatment or taking a class."

KC • Actor/Producer

“John Vosler is generous, warm and exudes a radiant positivity. This makes it easy to let go and trust him as he guides you through either bodywork or meditative stages. He is truly gifted. Through John’s guidance I’ve been able to be less reactive, feel clear and healthier and I’m better able to not only handle the challenges of everyday life, but also see, more clearly, the beauty and synchronicities that surround us all."

SP • Stylist

“I would not be the person I am today without John Vosler’s loving heart! He put me back together after a bad time in my life. I felt broken and alone. John healed my mind body and spirit. I’m living life in a much more productive way than ever before. I can honestly say with all my heart that John healed me and I will be forever grateful."


LJ • Entrepreneur

“John is a gifted teacher and healer. In massage, pilates, yoga, meditation, and dance his warmth and strength are guided by his keen intuition – even in the most challenging moments. He is the perfect balance of serious and fun. I feel so fortunate to have John’s bright light in my life. Let me start by saying that John’s soul is beyond beautiful and it transcends to the people around him. Every time I have left his studio I have left as a lighter version of myself with increased motivation and self-confidence.

"John has helped me in numerous ways. His ability to nurture, to show love, read my body language and to teach me to truly see and recognize who I am, have helped me sort through my emotional and mental baggage and has helped me create a clear and focused path for myself.

“Attending John’s meditation classes I have achieved a state of acceptance and calm that I never thought possible. Whenever I find myself out of my comfort zone I apply John’s breathing and focusing techniques and I’m able to move past my discomfort which in turn creates a much stronger sense of self. I use John’s CD “Love and Acceptance” on a daily basis. It has taught me to take time for myself — something I always thought of as selfish. I have so much more to give to others and myself. The happiness I feel in my soul from these achievements is nothing short of elated.”

TB • Estate Manager

“I have been a client of John's for about 18 years. I was at a crossroads in my life, having just lost both of my parents, and I was also an empty nester after raising 4 children. I suffered from a bad back and frequent panic and anxiety attacks even though I was athletic and active. Little did I know then what important roles he would play in my life. He is first and foremost a true friend and part of our family, followed by patient instructor, wise counselor, massage therapist, my yoga nidra guru, and meditation leader. I have had many “aha moments” over these years as he has taken me on a journey of health, self-awareness – both personal and spiritual – and physical wellbeing. He has enhanced the ‘me’ that was molded almost 70 years ago and taught me to believe in myself. I have learned through breathing and meditation to face my fears, knowing I have the tools to keep myself in the moment.I have little aches and pains that challenge me occasionally, but we work through them together since I do not take any medications. His workspace is a safe place where his attention to each client is personal. His devotion and passion for what he does fills his workspace with an energy that is felt when you walk through the door. I am grateful and humbled to have him in my life.”

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