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Why Meditate?

Mindfulness practices can initiate a relaxation response in the body. Initiating this relaxation response gives you the ability to respond from a peaceful, calm, grounded sense of being. In your practice you will begin to sense and experience your presence of being. You will begin to recognize that formless aspect of your being… awareness, presence, witnessing.

Making it Simple

What if meditation was as easy as being quiet, still, resting, relaxing, doing less? And yet, in that subtle letting-go, a fresh, new perspective on how to live your life reveals itself. Imagine feeling more empowered in your life — managing your stress and coping with anxiety, depression, trauma, habits and addictions. Meditation is simple. It's practical. It’s a practice that, if done consistently, will change your life forever.

How to Prepare for Your Practice


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Join me every week for Online Monday Meditations

12:00pm or 6:00pm PST

Participants from all over the world gather on Zoom every Monday for this donation-based meditation led by John Vosler.

12pm PT Meditation Signup
6pm PT Meditation SIgnup

Relax and enjoy a 10-minute breath meditation!

Free Meditation

 "I meditate on a daily basis. It has taught me to take time for myself, something I always thought of as selfish. I have so much more to give to others and myself. The happiness I feel in my soul from this journey is nothing short of elated."

— LJ, entrepreneur / Los Angeles, CA

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