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Every Day Meditations

The meditations on this website make it easy for anyone to create their own daily practice. The content is clear, simple and meaningful to both newcomers and experienced practitioners. Our meditations were created to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit through deep relaxation. They may also help alleviate stress, addictions, sleep disorders, nervousness, fears and other health issues.

The GetMeditated™ 8-Day Challenge

Launch (or relaunch) your meditation practice with the our eight day meditation challenge.Get started with one of the offers below.

Included Meditations

MENTAL CLARITY: Relax Now and Still & Clear
Meditations intended to develop mental clarity and focus by learning to quiet the mind and be more present

PHYSICAL RESTORATION: Vital & Peaceful and Healing & Rejuvenation
Meditations  intended to restore and heal the physical body, by balancing the autonomic nervous system

EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Love & Acceptance and Safe & Balanced
Meditations intended to create a feeling of calm awareness by learning to observe emotions without attaching to them

SPIRITUAL WISDOM: Resting in Presence and Space of Awareness
Meditations offering an experience of resting in awareness and cultivating the ability to witness  experiences

Access Our Meditation Library

The GetMeditated™ Library is a growing collection of meditations ideal for every experience level. Access our meditation library here:

Recommended Reading

I recommend the following books. Whether or not you're new to meditation, you're 
a teacher or another kind of practitioner, I hope you will find the same inspiration I've found.
John Vosler

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Being isn't what you do. It's who you are.

— John Vosler

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