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Rest, Restore and Remember Who You Are

A Yoga Nidra Retreat with John Vosler and Laura McKinzie

March 25-30th, 2024

This retreat is currently sold out.  Please email [email protected] to be added to the wait list.  

Experience five days of deep restoration, reflection, and rejuvenation. Using the profound practice of Yoga Nidra guided meditation, we will restore the body, clear the mind, and shift the habitual patterns that keep you from being calm, clear and balanced. 

About the Retreat
Meet John and Laura
The Imiloa Experience

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About the Retreat

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Experience the Power of Yoga Nidra

Yoga (meaning “union”) Nidra (meaning “sleep”) is a path to that liminal state of being between waking and sleeping. This is where you can systematically release stored physical, emotional, and mental tensions. 

Let go of old beliefs and habits that keep you locked in the past and fearful of the future! Experience your emotions fully, knowing you have unchanging, unshakable ground beneath you — a calm inner presence that allows you to see clearly.

We will move our bodies, clear our minds, and create intentions to live, not from unconscious and automatic past programming but from a new perspective — an aware, deliberate way of being. We will learn how to take this felt sense of being — this new awareness of the True Self — back into our personal lives, family lives, work lives, and love lives.

Return home feeling empowered, free, and clear to create the life of your choosing.

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More About the Retreat

What You Will Learn

Together we will cultivate new tools, knowledge, and intentions to help you negotiate those times when you are under stress and feel lost, tired, and confused — when you forget who you are. These tools are important allies on the path to gaining life mastery. The path to meeting and welcoming your challenges and remembering your True Being.

All that is being asked of you is to show up, lie down, and let go. Yoga Nidra will do the rest.

This retreat will allow you to unlock the deep sense of inner peace that has always been with you.

Through this retreat, you will begin to recognize and begin to see the nature of your being which is the underlying nature of your reality. 

What You Will Gain

This retreat will help you release the effects of chronic excess tension, lack of restorative sleep, and the demands of life that have kept you running without time to rest and rejuvenate.

As you begin to rest and restore you'll begin to remember who you are and, from there, create tools for life mastery and past mental, emotional, and physical baggage.

You'll experience greater resilience, inner calm, and self-mastery. 

You'll bring rest into your life and learn to relax anywhere.

You'll improve your sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

You'll feel energized, detoxified, and rejuvenated.

You'll rewrite self-sabotaging patterns. 

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Book now to rest, restore & remember who you REALLY are! 

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Meet Your Hosts: Laura & John

 John Vosler

John Vosler’s passion is providing education on how thoughts, emotions, and physical beings are connected. 

As an energetic bodyworker for more than 25 years, John is able to assess each client and determine the best modality or combination of modalities to help them connect with their divine consciousness and inner healer.

Through meditation, movement, holistic bodywork, and Conscious Coaching, John’s Los Angeles-based wellness practice has empowered countless clients to improve their lives. Executives, athletes, celebrities, busy moms, and burnt-out professionals are attracted to his intuitive awareness and vast knowledge of the science of meditation. And, his infectious humor and compassionate heart make working with him a joy-filled experience.

Laura McKinzie

Laura’s passion and dedication to the practice of yoga were the catalysts to her becoming a Yoga Teacher over 17 years ago.

She is an experienced teacher at the 500hr level (E-RYT 500) as well as the founder of Laura McKinzie Yoga, which inspires people to live their best life now through the practice of Yoga. Laura is the author of “Cues for Yoga,” a book to support Yoga Teachers with clear, concise set-up cues and effective follow-up cues for alignment and deeper connection. 

Since 2012, Laura has led the “Unity” Yoga Teacher Training Program, teaching hundreds of students the ancient science of yoga. She also served as the Director of the 200-hour YTT at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona for 7 years. Laura is a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and is grateful to be a part of the I AM Yoga Nidra teaching team at SWIHA.

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This retreat takes place at the Imiloa Institute, a global hub for the education and advancement of humanity.

About the Imiloa Institute


What's included?

  • Accommodations based on the lodging type you book
  • ​Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks (gluten-free & vegan available on request)
  • A juice and coffee bar to keep you refreshed and charged 
  • ​Waterfall and blue clay experience
  • Beach party/ dancing
  • ​Daily Yoga Nidra, meditation and movement
  • A life-changing retreat!
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Book now to rest, restore & remember who you REALLY are! 

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More about Imiloa 

As a global community eco-system focusing on education, mentorship and service, Imiloa is the intersection of discovery, creativity, imagination and transformation. Imiloa believes that through a posture of learning and spirit of service, we can powerfully catalyze the individual and social transformation which will create stronger communities, transform our planet and build a better world.

Imiloa is a majestic, one of a kind, 20-acre private mountain-top property located in Costa Rica with 180 degree sunset ocean views overlooking the entire Pacific from Manuel Antonio in the north to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island in the south. It is a complete natural paradise with 17 accommodations, arrangeable singles or doubles. Accommodations include 200 year old homes from Bali, Jungle bungalows with bathtubs in our unofficial sloth sanctuary and sacred geodesic domes.

Historically, Costa Rica has been the meeting place of tribes for thousands of years. It is the cradle of the North and South, a meeting point for the Incas and the Aztecs, and it is the perfect location for Imiloa as Costa Rica continues onward in its rich history of being a meeting place to exchange ideas, vision and go deep within to discover what we have all been seeking.

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Book Now! First, Choose Your Room


Select your accommodations below and you'll be prompted to provide your information and agree to the retreat Terms and Conditions. The cost of the retreat is bundled with your lodging. 

You can either pay online here or pay by check. Please note that all payments are nonrefundable.  If you pay by check, we offer a 3% discount. Make check out (for the published cost minus 3%) to "John Vosler Camp Kenyon" and mail to: John Vosler, 4187 Kenyon Ave, Los Angeles CA 90066. 

Each participant must do the following (see links below):

  • Complete the Participant Information Form 
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs 
  • Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions agreement either by checking the box during checkout or by downloading it below, signing and returning it as instructed.
  • Provide proof of travel insurance 

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're happy to help. Just email John directly at [email protected]

Participant Info Form
Frequently Asked Questions
Download Agreement
Global Rescue Insurance

Sacred Geodesic River Dome


Private Room: $4300  •  Shared Room: $3600 per person
Select the button below to pay in full or pay a $750 deposit (initial payment).

Sold Out!

 Inspired by sacred geometry, Imiloa's six Geodesic River Domes sit in the rainforest along the edge of a private river. Enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water paired with the vibrant sounds of the jungle.

  • 1-2 guest capacity
  • 1 king bed or 2 twins
  • 480 square feet
  • Private jungle deck
  • Open-air shower with rainforest views
  • AC

Jungle Bungalow


Private Room: $4300  •  Shared Room: $3600 per person
Select the button below to pay in full or pay a $750 deposit (initial payment).

Sold Out!

Imiloa's Jungle Bungalows are near the common area, and right on the pathway to the private waterfall. Bali-inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and beautiful details. Spacious bathrooms with a shower and soaking tub look out to the rainforest.

  • 1-2 guest capacity
  • 1 king bed or 2 twins
  • 430 square feet
  • Private jungle deck
  • Soaking tub
  • No AC | Open-air construction with fans and screens that allow for natural ventilation

Bali Suite


Entire Unit: $5200 (add $3500 for the second guest)
Select the button below to pay in full or 
pay a $1500 deposit (initial payment).


Click Here to ask to be added to the waitlist.

The three Bali Suites are elegantly situated at the top of the mountain in the 200-year-old Bali Village with gorgeous views overlooking the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. They are situated around a common living/kitchen area and a shared infinity pool. One of the suites — the Bali Master Suite — adjoins the shared kitchen/living space.

  • 1-2 guest capacity
  • Bali Master Suite: 1 king bed; next to the shared infinity plunge pool and adjoining the common kitchen/living space (SOLD OUT)
  • Bali Suites 2 & 3: 1 king bed or 2 twins; steps away from the shared infinity pool (SOLD OUT)
  • 100 square feet
  • Ocean or garden views
  • Shared infinity plunge pool
  • AC

Bali Villa: Jogolo House


Entire Unit: $6200 (add $3500 for the second guest)
Select the button below to pay in full 
pay a $1500 deposit (initial payment).

There are two Bali Villa Units:


Jogolo House: Perched on the edge of a cliff, at the furthest end of the property, sits a 170-year-old home from the Java Islands named Jogolo. Complete with a writer’s desk, outdoor Balinese shower, and unique hand-carved architecture, Jogolo is teaming with history, soul, and comfort.

  • 1-2 guest capacity
  • 1 king bed
  • 480 square feet
  • Ocean & rainforest views
  • Wrap-around sun Deck
  • Private cold plunge pool
  • No AC | Fans + open-air construction that allows for natural ventilation


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions about the retreat?

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Dates: March 25-30, 2024
Hosts: John Vosler & Laura McKinzie
Location: The Imiloa Institute

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