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For more than two decades, John Vosler has guided individuals seeking fulfillment in life. This work, called Conscious Coaching, uses meditation to help clients connect with their inner truth.

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New clients are warmly welcomed and all clients are treated with the utmost discretion.

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More About Conscious Coaching with John Vosler

John guides individuals to a deeper level of consciousness and sense of peace, uninterrupted by the mind, where they can catch a glimpse of their true nature. Once experienced, this becomes a safe place to revisit and face issues that may be preventing growth or may one day manifest on a physical level causing discomfort or disease.

While most practitioners have some level of familiarity with modalities John uses — meditation, movement, Yoga Nidra, yoga, massage, Pilates, craniosacral therapy, and somatic emotional release, it's John's intuition, extraordinary understanding of the body/mind complex and proven ability to accelerate the healing process that set him apart.

As an energetic bodyworker for over 25 years, John is able to assess each client and determine the best modality or combination of modalities to help them connect with their inner healer and true essence... the ground of Being.

Many of John's clients have found emotional and physical balance, and ultimately a sense of peace working with John. Some have worked with him for years. Read feedback from a few clients below.


A Few Words from Past Clients

"There aren’t words to express John Vosler's special abilities. If you are looking for someone to bring you peace both physically and emotionally, you should call John. I've been fortunate to experience John’s gift for the last ten years. He has enabled me to find a balance both physically and emotionally which leads to a life filled with strength and peace." 
— CH, Landscape Architect

“John has an exceptional  knowledge of the human body and a wonderful way of expressing how it works in a way a layman can understand.  He answers personal questions about your own body with clarity and ease in explaining what is going on, how muscles, ligaments, etc., work and reasons why things may be happening with your body and what may be helpful for your own self. I truly feel blessed to know him and so grateful for his classes, his knowledge, and his love for what he does is a part of bettering my life.” If you are looking for something to help you better yourself, your health, and your mind, John Vosler is the perfect person to help you.
—DC, Stenographer

"John has helped me in numerous ways. His ability to nurture, to show love, read my body language and to teach me to truly see and recognize who I am, have helped me sort through my emotional and mental baggage and has helped me careate a clear and focused path for myself."
—LJ Entrepreneur

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