Join John Vosler and Shanna Hughes for "Breath and Presence."

Breath and Presence

with Shanna and John


Saturday, March 4th 

Price: $45 | 
Early-bird: $35

(Early birds must register by February 25)
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This two-hour workshop will take you on a journey to yourself with your breath as your guide.

John and Shanna will lead a short talk/discussion on breathing and its effect on our daily lives. We will then discuss ways we can use our breath to bring presence and awareness into our lives, not only during our yoga practice and meditation, but also in our daily activities, relationships, and much more. We will explore using the breath as a bridge from thinking and doing, into feeling and being – allowing us to be more present to all our experiences with a greater sense of calm and peace.

In this workshop, you will experience:

  •  Awareness of the breath in the moment
  •  Yoga asana for all bodies – Yoga Cikitsa (yoga therapy)
  •  Pranayama (breathing practices to balance and calm the nervous system – three different practices)
  •  A deep dive into Yoga Nidra (conscious rest)

You will leave this workshop with an intention, a practice, and the truth of who you really are — peaceful, whole, and perfect just as you are.


Date: Saturday, March 4th, 2023
Time: 2:30 pm-4:30 pm PST
Teachers: John Vosler and Shanna Hughes

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