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Tri-BEing Community Class

Thank you for joining my class, Tri-BEing Community!

This class is no longer subscription-based. You will need to sign up and pay for each class individually.

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What People Are Saying:

When I hit an emotional bottom in 2015 I started to listen to John Vosler‘s Yoga Nidra offerings online daily and went from sadness and grief to self compassion and acceptance. I did both Yoga Nidra immersion and certification classes with John. Like no kidding! My life has transformed. I am now a very grateful and inspired Yoga Nidra instructor. I would follow this man around the world. 

KR, Yoga Nidra Teacher

John has helped me in numerous ways. His ability to nurture, to show love, read my body language and to teach me to truly see and recognize who I am, have helped me sort through my emotional and mental baggage and has helped me create a clear and focused path for myself.

LJ, Entrepreneur

The path of personal growth can be arduous and exciting.  Along my way I am grateful to be involved with a very special human, John Vosler, who has made my journey easier.   His depth of spirit and knowledge has illuminated my life’s path, providing me with tools to develop a congruency between my physical (Pilates & body work),  emotional (counseling & play) and spiritual ( mentor & Amrit Yoga).  I am grateful for the attention, understanding and love he has bestowed upon me within these areas.  All have provided me insight into the depths of myself.  John positively glows with his commitment to know and share the Truth in every facet of life.

CH, Landscape Designer

John has an exceptional  knowledge of the human body and a wonderful way of expressing how it works in a way a layman can understand.  He answers personal questions about your own body with clarity and ease in explaining what is going on, how muscles, ligaments, etc., work and reasons why things may be happening with your body and what may be helpful for your own self. I truly feel blessed to know him and so grateful for his classes, his knowledge, and his love for what he does is a part of bettering my life. If you are looking for something to help you better yourself, your health, and your mind, John Vosler is the perfect person to help you.

DC, Stenographer