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What People Are Saying:

I treasure John Vosler as a human being and as a healing presence of and for both mind and body. I have had the privilege of working with John more than a decade now, doing bodywork, pilates, meditation, and yoga nidra. John is an expert exercise physiologist with a brilliant intellect, yet I treasure the way he is able to combine this aspect of his training with a deep sense of intuition. He has a rare ability to get to the heart of a person’s state — both physical and psychological — and then work in way that takes the real connection between these two modes into account. I really can’t say enough good things about him. He is fantastic at what he does, and I always feel lucky he elected to follow a path that connects him to others, including me.

FZ, Producer

I love John Vosler for so many different reasons. I have been taking his yoga/meditation class for over two years and I look forward to them every week. The short meditations he takes us through leave me feeling that everything in my life has happened for a reason and everything is in its proper place. The yoga poses we go through always have me leaving his class feeling rejuvenated and happy I decided to show up.

DC, Stenographer