I AM Yoga Nidra™ Certification Live Online. Register below.

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I AM Yoga Nidra™ Certification Online Mentorship Bundles

I AM Yoga Nidra™ Certification Online

May 23-29th 7am-11am PT or 10am-2pm EST

Times subject to change

Start with the Self-paced Yoga Nidra Immersion begins April 25th and then join Live Online Yoga Nidra Certification which begins on May 23rd. Two bundles also includes a live, online mentorship program.


Select the Path that's Right for You

YN Immersion + Mentorship + Certification (Save 15% - Best Value)
YN Immersion + Certification (Save 10%)
YN Immersion + Mentorship (Save 10%)

Live, Online Mentorship with John Vosler

The Mentorship course is designed to be taken in coordination with the self-paced, online Yoga Nidra Immersion. We have scheduled a live, online Yoga Nidra Certification soon after to help you maintain your momentum and successfully complete the Yoga Nidra Professional Certification.

We are offering three registration options:

YN Immersion + Certification
YN Immersion + Mentorship
YN Immersion + Mentorship + Certification

Sometimes we start online courses but lose the momentum necessary to complete them or the attention to fully absorb the material. This is why we have created an opportunity to take the self-paced Yoga Nidra Immersion with the added components of mentorship and community.

As the pace of life speeds up, it’s easy to get busy and distracted despite our sincerest desires to study, learn and practice. If there’s no one holding us accountable, it’s only natural that our attention and energy gravitate towards what’s urgent or distracting.

We are here to help keep you on track, answer questions and offer guidance along the way.

Through live, interactive sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to share and learn from our senior training faculty member, John Vosler and your fellow participants. Together, we will create intentions, understand the nuanced structure of I AM Yoga Nidra and how it works, and most of all, connect with like-minded individuals.

Mentorship provides clear, individualized insight and understanding of what’s possible for you as a practitioner and facilitator. Experience powerful learning, connected community and begin your path of certification to become an expertly trained practitioner and facilitator.

The mentorship features:

  • 3 live zoom sessions
  • Group discussion, question, and answers
  • Suggested schedule designed to keep you on track

Mentorship has the great benefits of:

  • Have support and interaction with other students as you take the immersion
  • Accountability and group learning
  • Guidance to optimize your delivery and facilitation skills
  • Live space to share, learn and support each other on this path

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