Join John Vosler at Kripalu Center for

Yoga and Health 

I AM Yoga Nidra Immersion Retreat 

The Art Of Transformational Sleep

March 14-19, 2023

$485 per person plus accommodations

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Yoga nidra meditation has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation—a place where your whole body and being is restored to its natural state of health, vitality, and peace. 

Join energetic bodyworker and multi-lineage yoga nidra educator John Vosler for an immersion that will help you release the effects of chronic excess tension, lack of restorative sleep, and the demands of life that have kept you running without time to rest and rejuvenate. John's teachings bring insight and understanding so you can restructure your entire energetic and cellular being and unburden your life. Immerse yourself in an in-depth understanding of the power of yoga nidra as you:

  •  Release past mental, emotional, and physical baggage 
  •  Experience greater resilience, inner calm, and self-mastery  
  •  Bring rest into your life and learn to relax anywhere
  •  Improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety 
  •  Feel energized, detoxified, and rejuvenated
  •  Rewrite self-sabotaging patterns.

Experience profound healing and restoration of the body’s reserves with one of the easiest and most effective meditation and mindfulness practices. Return home feeling empowered, free, and clear to create the life of your choosing.   

"Profound teachings opened up a window to my soul.” – Jess

“After every Yoga Nidra I emerged changed.” – Sheila

“I am forever a better human.” – Karen

“I came in with a traumatic brain injury and am amazed at the changes. Yoga Nidra works!” – Kristen

“Concepts which I had previously learned in different trainings finally made sense to me.” -Cristiane Correa Swain
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