A Magical Journey to Bali, "Islands of the Gods." Register below.

Life Transforming Bali Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Community, Nature and Spirituality in Bali

June 15th-25th, 2023 (10 days/nights)

Shared Room total price: $3,500
Private Room total price: $4,500
Space is limited to 24 people.
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A Letter from John and Shanna

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you on a magical journey to Bali, which is also known as the “Islands of the Gods." Two years ago my mother Denise and I took a group to Bali. It was such a memorable experience that as soon as I got back to LA, I contacted my dear friend and senior meditation teacher from the Amrit Yoga Institute John Vosler to join me and take a group to Bali in the summer of 2023. He excitingly agreed and we began making plans. As you may know, Bali is a lush paradise, with perfectly sculpted rice terraces, abundant green jungles, surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. It is also well known for its spirituality, arts and culture.

This retreat, hosted by Yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra teachers John Vosler and Shanna Hughes is designed to empower, strengthen, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit on all levels. The Balinese “live” their spiritual practice on a daily basis; hence this is the best place to expand your mystical awareness. This intimate program will help you bring your yoga and meditation practice more directly into YOUR daily life.

We will hold daily yoga and meditation classes taught by Shanna and John, develop your ability to listen and engage with the intelligence of life around you, discover practical ways to follow your heart in daily life, and experience the beauty and true phenomena of being present in each moment. We have partnered with the Five Pillar Foundation, who are deeply involved in the preservation of Balinese culture and the ancient way of living. The inspired day trips provide conscious travelers with an invaluable opportunity to venture far beyond the beaten paths of Bali, to discover the local rural village life, and to be inspired by the beauty and creativity of Balinese culture. These visits also support and incentivize local communities to keep and maintain their ancestral lands and sustainable ways of living. Most of the proceeds are used to support the local communities they work with and the work of the Five Pillar Foundation.

We hope that you can join us on this healing meditative journey together.

In Deep Gratitude,
John and Shanna
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